A Minesweeper clone written to learn GTK and Vala
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Pretty Mines

Pretty Mines is a simple Minesweeper clone written in Vala and using Gtk.


This particular implementation of Minesweeper was designed for elementary OS, and uses default system icons as such. It should work with most any freedesktop.org-compliant desktop environment, but the mines may not look like mines.

I've removed the timer because it always stressed me out. So, just relax and enjoy!


The only build dependencies are Gtk3, Vala, and meson. The procedure is the standard for meson.

meson build
cd build

Obviously, if you want to install it, that's a simple ninja install


These are some features I'd eventually like to implement. If you'd like to help out, feel free to open a PR explaining what you've done. Any improvements you make to existing functionality are welcome as well.

  • "protected" first click (first click is guaranteed to be safe)
  • infinite mode
  • off-by-default timer
  • player-defined sizes
  • player-defined mine ratio/number
  • earn the name on own merits
    • custom icons
    • custom theme