A Blackjack game in D
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Blackjack without the 'c's, 'kays?


Bladjad is simply blackjack. It's written in D using Dgame. It uses free assets found on itch.io and collected here.


Bladjad can be used entirely with a mouse. However, it also uses a keyboard control scheme which is simple and, hopefully, intuitive.


  • Arrow keys - navigate
  • Enter key - select highlighted option


  • H key - hit
  • S key - stand
  • R key - restart


  • M key - return to the menu
  • Q key/Escape key - exit


As of version 0.1, some preliminary executable files will be made available. The goal is to support an AppImage for Linux, a tarball for FreeBSD, a Windows executable, and an OSX executable.

Compiling from source

Since Bladjad is written in D, compilation should be relatively simple. Install a D compiler for your system, as well as the DUB build manager if it's not included. You'll also need SDL and OpenGL development files for Dgame. Then, simply clone this repository and navigate to its root directory. There, run dub build --build=release --compiler=yourDCompiler. A binary will be produced in the same directory. Alternatively, you can clone a build branch, such as appimage, which will include specific compilation instructions for that format. Once you have the executable, you can install it manually or as the format requires. The full set of commands, with standin names:

git clone https://github.com/Marie-Joseph/bladjad.git branch-of-choice
cd Bladjad
dub build --build=release --compiler=yourDCompiler