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podcast site

This project is incomplete. It is not recommended to use it yet.


  • works without javascript
  • no analytics


  • uses ffmpeg to convert media
  • uses php-crypt-gpg to process openpgp keys
  • uses php-parsedown to render markdown
  • uses php-zip for zipping user data to export

known issues

  • not everything is implemented
  • doesn't use persistent session cookie, so user gets logged out after closing browser


  • characters illegal in Windows filenames (\/:*?"<>|) must not be included in show or episode short name (ie folder names)
  • all episodes must have a short code which may not contain spaces or underscores
  • show and episode titles should be limited to 84 characters


  • don't have audio upload page time out as transcoding happens (how can I provide progress?)
  • iTunes metadata
  • add categories to metadata
  • order episodes by date (rather than position in show list)


see the wiki


unlicense. human knowledge belongs to the world.

orcahex depends on software under other (free) licenses which you need to install separately. see those projects' licenses.